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Ok, so we are open to receiving applications for staff positions. 

Here is a current list of open positions:

Game Director - over sees a game on the site, essentially the head point of contact for all staff. Responsible for day-to-day operations.

Stats Liaison - As a stat liaison, you are the marketing go to team. Ideas on stats, features, or new games to add are what you provide the MGS Devs. You also may work close with the actual Game Devs to o ensure an ongoing partnership, and keeping our future going.

Forum Moderator - Just that. The team that sorts junk from gold. Keeping MGS a clean and respected community. 

Stats Investigator - This is a hard job. You will not make friends here. Any stats we collect, will have some stats cheated... We have tools that will assist in every way to run background checks on the players. You are essentially the FBI of MGS. This job carries a high security clearance and maturity level to obtain. If you apply for this position, chances are, you may not get in. Only for the few individuals who show dedication and professionalism. You are the gold standard or MGS.

To apply for a position:

Email: admin@mygamestats.com

And please, make sure you make your application stand out, and interesting. 


Icons for the Positions - These will be on your profile on MGS's Site so community members know what you do.


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