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Game Update Notes (26 JUL 2018)

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New Weapon
The RPG-7 V2 has been added to select maps; a devastating anti-personnel weapon with a large fragmentation radius. It is a single shot weapon and is automatically dropped once fired. The RPG-7 has a minimum safe arming distance of ten meters; the round will not detonate if it does not travel at least ten meters. Beware the back blast as it will injure, or even kill, those directly behind when fired.

Two new RPG-themed Steam achievements have been added: "I meant to do that!" (Kill an enemy with the RPG back blast) and "R-Three-G" (Get three kills with a single RPG blast). Stats related to the RPG are tracked and will be added to player profiles on the webpage soon after release.

It is available as an in-world pickup on selected maps only; it will never appear in the deploy menu. A DefaultGame.ini option, 'bAllowRPGPickup', allows server admins (on PC only) to disable the RPG if they so choose.

One or more RPGs can be found on the following maps:


Bridge EX
Intercept C4/EX
SpringStreet EX/VIP
Watchdog C4

Bridge EX
BridgeNight EX
ColdFront C4/EX/VIP
Downtown EX
Homestead C4/VIP
InsurgentCamp AC
Intercept EX/C4/VIP
Overload C4/VIP
Sandstorm TH
Slums VIP/TH
Uptown EX/VIP
Watchdog AC

Weapon Changes
Supernova deals slightly less damage over range (however more than the 870)
Dragonov loses less damage over range

Bug Fixes
Intentionally dropping a carry objective now properly produces a drop sound for observers
Fix for right-click context menus not closing properly in the server browser
Fixed an issue where scramble teams or restarting mission commands could be executed unintentionally
When using Explore mode, the player no longer spawns player as the VIP on VIP maps
Added admin voice mute commands (AdminVoiceMute and AdminVoiceUnMute) and panel
Added feedback to VOIP notification when muted by admin.
Adjusted text notification when text chat is blocked by admin
Admin panel UI windows no longer function when not visible
Localized warmup messaging and adjusted it with separate messaging for PC and PS4 in the case where only a single party is on the server
Level 0 players will no longer be picked as VIP when other options are available (previously, only level 1 players were excluded)
End of round camera will now focus on player that secures a VIP, even if they weren't the one to down the VIP
Changed the location of the scoreboard timer to the lower right-hand corner
Interrupting shotgun reloading with slide will now properly interrupt and restart reload (fixes reload continuing without animation)
Fix to better handle ceasing objective use when a player is neutralized (fixes log spam and potential UI issues)
Round start timer now adjusts position to avoid being obscured by the deploy UI and no longer updates when not in use
Fix for some scopes missing a lens in the My Soldier menu

PS4 Specific Bug Fixes
Party system tweaked to avoid a party split when PSN room system fails for some reason
A match no longer begins if all the players belong to the same party; instead the game remains in warmup mode awaiting more players
Fix for settings and skins not always properly saving & equipping

Map Fixes
Added more items to the mainstreet trash pile to fix unintended lines of sight on Uptown
Added blocking volumes to prevent players from accessing unintended areas on Uptown

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