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Game Update Notes (24 OCT 2018)

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Both platforms:
-VIP's primary weapon is now the MP7.
-AFA (Armed Forces Affiliation) icon rendering method and assets updated.
-Fixed an issue with metal surface penetration values.
-Various map fixes.
-Added Scar-H, CZ Alpha, and M17 pistol.
-Added a dark backing to the server name on the scoreboard.

-Private Lobby UI will no longer indicate weapon achievement progress and xp gains because neither occur in private games.
-Fixed an issue where a Private Lobby host would start a match, then cancel and clients would get stuck in a loading state.
-Spot/Lean keybind will now require a full key. No tap or hold binds but spot/lean are now bound separately.

-Fixed a logic issue in VIP selection, where new players could be selected for the VIP too early in the process.

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