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  1. Vapid_B

    About MyGameStats

    So, we are working on some different features that makes us different than other stat sites for AA. So currently we are making some custom queries to make that possible. There will be a sub-domain or something similar to that effect to access the stats so you don't have to access the forums.
  2. Vapid_B

    Deleting/leave clans

    There is an option to leave the clan, on mobile it's a bit hard to find but it's there. You should see leave clan while looking in your clan page, under the browse clans button. Deleting clans may be the next thing for us to do ☺️
  3. Vapid_B

    How to become a MGS Site Tester?

    To Become a tester, we originally opened the site to a few, which got the tester tags. If you still would like to become a tester, contact a Admin and see if there are any open spaces. Testers will always keep the tag, even after the the site is fully tested. Some testers may continue to test other areas of the site upon request of the Admins.
  4. How to become a MGS Site Tester?
  5. Ok, so we are open to receiving applications for staff positions. Here is a current list of open positions: Game Director - over sees a game on the site, essentially the head point of contact for all staff. Responsible for day-to-day operations. Stats Liaison - As a stat liaison, you are the marketing go to team. Ideas on stats, features, or new games to add are what you provide the MGS Devs. You also may work close with the actual Game Devs to o ensure an ongoing partnership, and keeping our future going. Forum Moderator - Just that. The team that sorts junk from gold. Keeping MGS a clean and respected community. Stats Investigator - This is a hard job. You will not make friends here. Any stats we collect, will have some stats cheated... We have tools that will assist in every way to run background checks on the players. You are essentially the FBI of MGS. This job carries a high security clearance and maturity level to obtain. If you apply for this position, chances are, you may not get in. Only for the few individuals who show dedication and professionalism. You are the gold standard or MGS. To apply for a position: Email: admin@mygamestats.com And please, make sure you make your application stand out, and interesting. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Icons for the Positions - These will be on your profile on MGS's Site so community members know what you do.
  6. Vapid_B

    About MyGameStats

    Yes, An announcement will be made. Just got done adding Security to this site. SSL cert should be installed too soon.
  7. Vapid_B

    Stats are Coming!

    Ok, so updates on what everyone is looking for- Stats are coming. We have current queries running for all players. Due to how we have the query set to gather player data, the process will be secret. But here's what you can know - anyone currently playing the game will be shown as online on the site actively playing on MGS. Stats for these players will be updated every 3-4 minutes. All other players not playing, will be updated every 3-4 hours. Name history - yes. We won't have them all, but will keep an ongoing track of name changes, plus all old names we have kept from our previous stat site. Leaderboards - will have basic boards. But we plan to grow it out as we go. K/D ratio over time - yes, it will happen. Show how you have improved or degraded. Some trade secrets have been discussed here on some feature that will blow competitive teams minds! But that is to come at a later date. For now we will call this idea that is in the works with k/d over time - Project team build. Lastly, what's the cost if all this? FREE. We may at a later date, offer plans to have upgrades to competitive players for more in-depth scope of how they and other perform on the field. We also will never ask for donations, but we will eventually take them. Currently, no, we are not taking any donations, so don't fall for scams. Donating will only give you a fourm award, no other special treatment. More to come. Remember, MGS is Alpha and will have hiccups, but we are doing this for YOU, the player. The Community. P.S. we will be looking for staff, so if interested, keep being a role model ingame and online. Applications will be open soon.
  8. Vapid_B


    MyGameStats.com will be holding seasonal tournaments in which top teams for the games will have the ability to snag some swag. Yes! win free prizes like Steam, PSN gift-cards, Graphics Cards and more! This also means public Recognition for the top players, teams and overall performers (best medic, best aim, best communication) and your account will be awarded with special tags on the forums like you can see under my name to the left (shown below as-well). ************Get your clan together, keep practicing and your player stats will be released this upcoming week! Welcome to MGS***************
  9. Vapid_B

    About MyGameStats

    MyGameStats.com was founded late of 2018 by Jimbo and Vapid_B. Vapid and Jimbo both played Americas Army Proving Grounds for some time, and realized that players wanted to see their stats, and share with friends. Jimbo and Vapid built the first stat site for Americas Army. In 2017, Vapid was diagnosed with leukemia and the project was abandoned like many other fun side projects. Late 2018 Vapid was doing much better, and being the original developers of AAStats.com (Now owned by AnticheatInc.com or ACI, respectively), Jimbo and Vapid started to brainstorm, knowing that we were on the right track with stats, we started MyGameStats.com to not only show/track stats for Americas Army, but for other games. New features came to light like having a Clan/Team Management and a Tournament section to prove team skills and Awards to top performers. While doing this, we hope to bring the community together and bring developers that have passion to build on MGS and keep the dream going. We have many more ideas in the works and hope you stick around to see them! While we are just a 2 man team, we do accept offers of help in any way. Just feel free to ask.
  10. Grab the game here for FREE! https://store.steampowered.com/app/203290/Americas_Army_Proving_Grounds/