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  3. Whether you're home with your family or downrange with your brothers and sisters in arms, from our family to yours, #HappyThanksgiving! Graphic by Peggy Frierson pic.twitter.com/X9cjj0V5lW View the full article
  4. #WhatsYourWarrior https://twitter.com/GoArmy/status/1193879934516834304 … View the full article
  5. "Our service defines who we are as people. I think we're all better for having served our Army." - Veterans Day message from Medal of Honor Recipient Staff Sgt. David Bellavia. #VeteransDay pic.twitter.com/smGWarXdQz View the full article
  6. Happy #VeteransDay to all of our Armed Forces family. https://twitter.com/usarmy/status/1193756487820013568 … View the full article
  7. Take a look inside one of basic training's most feared events... The Gas Chamber! Video by @OfficialFtSill pic.twitter.com/MQT7HsklKs View the full article
  8. #HappeningNow Master Sgt. Matthew Williams is presented the Medal of Honor during a ceremony at the @WhiteHouse. #ServeWithHonor #MOH #ArmyValues @3rdSFGroup https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1zqJVEWmEMlGB … View the full article
  9. 9 teams registered Let's go register your team in the 2nd Season AAL Europe League @AmericasArmy #AAL #eSports #aapg #AALEuropeLeague pic.twitter.com/1PKwq3UN9q View the full article
  10. Great weather for a jump day! https://twitter.com/USArmy/status/1181782802376904704 … View the full article
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  12. Congrats to Pro Tribe! . #ps4 #compgaming https://twitter.com/urgentfury/status/1179892607134130176 … View the full article
  13. More than boots on the ground, the U.S. Army employs a wide range of skilled careers. Learn more about the Army’s focus on Cyber Security— https://twitter.com/usarmy/status/1179019408552943617 … View the full article
  14. Let's go register your team in the 2nd Season AAL @AmericasArmy https://aapgleague.wixsite.com/tournament Last year the league finished with: ReUnited NotAClan Internet Gansters View the full article
  15. The AAL is back, 2nd Season of european competition starts registrations tomorrow @AmericasArmy https://aapgleague.wixsite.com/tournament #AAL #eSports #aapg pic.twitter.com/7HfKeof6jV View the full article
  16. Who do you have to take home the top spot in S3? . #ps4 #tourney #f2p #fps #finals #compleague https://twitter.com/urgentfury/status/1178534521051987969 … View the full article
  17. Ever wonder what it's like on the first day of #ArmyBasic Training? Watch as these Soldiers meet their drill sergeants for the first time on Fill Day. What was your favorite moment of Basic Combat Training? Video by @OfficialFtSill pic.twitter.com/bROjNvNFur View the full article
  18. #HBD M.P. Corps! . https://twitter.com/usarmy/status/1177298039033061376 … View the full article
  19. What's your best caption for this angle? . Join us on Discord to submit your own screenshots! They may get featured on our socials. https://discord.gg/QvEw5DX pic.twitter.com/GEfp2pVbRj View the full article
  20. Give me some! #PT! Good for you! Good for me! . #FitToFight #Motivated #Cadence https://twitter.com/USArmyReserve/status/1176828700517490693 … View the full article
  21. On this day, we remember and honor those Americans who were prisoners of war and those who served and never returned home. Leave a fond memory of the loved one you are remembering on this day. #Illustration by Travis Burcham #UntilTheyAreHome #POWMIARecognitionDay pic.twitter.com/lZ7ufT0msN View the full article
  22. The _______ scoooooope! . #braggingrights #noscope #quickscope #everyscope #AFA #ps4 #f2p https://twitter.com/OlimatG/status/1174707470184456193 … View the full article
  23. You may have some questions about the U.S. Army Esports program. Get the run down in this video! See you online. http://discord.gg/usarmyesports pic.twitter.com/Ijw3dJoitm View the full article
  24. HBD @usairforce! . #AirForce #Army #OneFight https://twitter.com/USArmy/status/1174308087500541953 … View the full article
  25. We train, fight and win as an #ArmyTeam. Photo by @10MTNDIV pic.twitter.com/Ikjs2d9N1z View the full article
  26. Send us your clips on Discord: https://discord.gg/QvEw5DX View the full article
  27. Who's your ringer? We're sticking with this guy. https://bit.ly/2kzaF9q . #PS4 #Ringer #1v10 #CLUTCH View the full article
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