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  2. Electronic Warfare. It's not a band name, it’s your new job. Fight cyber threats on the front lines with a career as a Cyber Operations Specialist in the Army. pic.twitter.com/2BjMWobumo View the full article
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  4. The #USArmy is deploying ground technology that will revolutionize the way we fight. Find out how @armyfutures is leading the way towards a stronger and more lethal Army. #ArmyReform #Adapt2Win pic.twitter.com/F9ZJEUQZkc View the full article
  5. Happy New Year from America’s Army! View the full article
  6. New video! Happy New Years! @AmericasArmy @YouTube #gaming #pcgaming #FPS #firstpersonshooter #newyearsgaming https://youtu.be/rPztZoNZEDI View the full article
  7. Merry Christmas from America’s Army. pic.twitter.com/U4extvt14H View the full article
  8. Have a safe and Happy Holiday season. pic.twitter.com/nnJji00q5V View the full article
  9. The #USArmy gears up for its third evaluation in July of the Integrated Visual Augmentation System. Learn how the IVAS allows #Soldiers to regain and maintain over match within a combat environment: https://go.usa.gov/xppph Courtesy Photo #ArmyTech pic.twitter.com/lS05mgjbo3 View the full article
  10. Patch Notes 1.40 -Added M17 and SCAR challenges -Added M17 and SCAR weapon skins for weapon challenge completion rewards -Adjusted weapon damage output for SCAR (No more 1-shots) -New Champion skin, unlocked at Lvl14 FIXES: -AK107 rate of fire reduced -Reaction map updates View the full article
  11. PROVING GROUNDS UPDATE AVAILABLE ON PC AND PS4. New Challenges. New Skins. Same Teamwork. pic.twitter.com/P4lVbcfc36 View the full article
  12. MGS Bot

    #GoArmyBeatNavy @GoArmy

    #GoArmyBeatNavy @GoArmy View the full article
  13. The #Soldiers at @usarmy_meb wanted to make sure the mascot for the @NavalAcademy gets some real training before they face off against @WestPoint_USMA. Video by Staff Sgt. David Camacho #GoArmyBeatNavy pic.twitter.com/lDRflBWUtz View the full article
  14. Throughout the years, the #AllAmerican Division has always given the same message to the @WestPoint_USMA cadets as they face the @NavalAcademy. This year, don't take their word for it, hear it from the international community. Video by @82ndABNDiv #GoArmyBeatNavy pic.twitter.com/MjCeXyNwIp View the full article
  15. The enemy won't be able to see them, but rest assured, the snipers of the @25thID can see them. Photo by Sgt. Thomas Calvert, @2IBCTWarriors #Ready2Fight pic.twitter.com/qN3ZVNLsUa View the full article
  16. #DidYouKnow Saturday, Dec. 7, marks the 78th anniversary of the attack on #PearlHarbor? Today we honor and remember the men and women lost on that day. Video by Pfc. Lawrence Broadnax, @25thID pic.twitter.com/uavf7JMRhh View the full article
  17. We are a team of a million unique and powerful individuals. And we’ve got a job for you. #WhatsYourWarrior? pic.twitter.com/k3POw1eTEv View the full article
  18. Today we have the four day of #AALEuropeLeague! @AmericasArmy Furious Gaming vs Universal Warriors Shoot2Kill See the match here: https://aapgleague.wixsite.com/tournament/live pic.twitter.com/hXgbhJ4zGM View the full article
  19. Whether you're home with your family or downrange with your brothers and sisters in arms, from our family to yours, #HappyThanksgiving! Graphic by Peggy Frierson pic.twitter.com/X9cjj0V5lW View the full article
  20. #WhatsYourWarrior https://twitter.com/GoArmy/status/1193879934516834304 … View the full article
  21. "Our service defines who we are as people. I think we're all better for having served our Army." - Veterans Day message from Medal of Honor Recipient Staff Sgt. David Bellavia. #VeteransDay pic.twitter.com/smGWarXdQz View the full article
  22. Happy #VeteransDay to all of our Armed Forces family. https://twitter.com/usarmy/status/1193756487820013568 … View the full article
  23. Take a look inside one of basic training's most feared events... The Gas Chamber! Video by @OfficialFtSill pic.twitter.com/MQT7HsklKs View the full article
  24. #HappeningNow Master Sgt. Matthew Williams is presented the Medal of Honor during a ceremony at the @WhiteHouse. #ServeWithHonor #MOH #ArmyValues @3rdSFGroup https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1zqJVEWmEMlGB … View the full article
  25. 9 teams registered Let's go register your team in the 2nd Season AAL Europe League @AmericasArmy #AAL #eSports #aapg #AALEuropeLeague pic.twitter.com/1PKwq3UN9q View the full article
  26. Great weather for a jump day! https://twitter.com/USArmy/status/1181782802376904704 … View the full article
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