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  2. Happy #FathersDay from the #USArmy! pic.twitter.com/pPL7FKqaUF View the full article
  3. For us, the stars and stripes mean a lot because at some point in our lives, we raised our right hand and swore to defend it. What does the flag mean to you? #FlagDay pic.twitter.com/HEEkd89xWh View the full article
  4. Happy #FlagDay. Let's do something different for this week's #screenshot competition, and turn it into a #CaptionThis contest. Best caption gets a shoutout and #RT! #ps4 #steam #freetoplay #fps #discord https://discord.gg/QvEw5DX pic.twitter.com/7lFWglA2bJ View the full article
  5. We're celebrating #FlagDay2019 and saying Happy 244th #ArmyBDay. We have some decorations in-game to celebrate, as well. Go scope 'em out! https://twitter.com/USArmy/status/1139487649008242688 … View the full article
  6. For our #PS4 players out there — https://twitter.com/askplaystation/status/1139243191331430401 … View the full article
  7. . @ArmyUPress and the @USACAC National Simulation Center has launched an historically accurate semi-immersive “virtual battlespace” based on the Battle of Stalingrad, as a training effort to illustrate large scale combat operations. https://www.army.mil/article/222024/new_technology_allows_soldiers_to_re_fight_the_battle_of_stalingrad … #TechTuesday pic.twitter.com/PwAMUE3iN7 View the full article
  8. "This is what medical evacuation does whether it's wartime, peacetime, anytime, what we do is patient care," #USArmy Staff Sgt. Jeremy Lowe. When a civilian hiker was injured, this @kentuckyguard helicopter came to the rescue. Read more: https://go.usa.gov/xmABH pic.twitter.com/syhYviZnVr View the full article
  9. Get your team signed up for the Operation Red Dragon #5v5 #PS4 tourney hosted by @GGBattlegrounds! #AAPG #ProvingGrounds #competitive #freetoplay #psn #steam https://twitter.com/GGBattlegrounds/status/1137072915843883008 … View the full article
  10. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! https://www.facebook.com/americasarmygame … https://www.instagram.com/americasarmygame … View the full article
  11. Today marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day. We remember & honor the tens of 1000s of Allied soldiers who were on the beaches of France as well as the 1000s who parachuted in the night before. The world would not be the same w/o your courage. Thank you for your sacrifice. #DDay75 pic.twitter.com/r1AfAFJbBf View the full article
  12. Absolute legend. #101st #Airborne #ScreamingEagles #AmericasArmy #DDay75 https://twitter.com/AP_Europe/status/1136305880146857984 … View the full article
  13. June 6th marks 75 years since D-Day, the largest military invasion in history & the turning point of #WWII. 160,000+ troops took part in that massive campaign. One of them was Navy gunner’s mate Vernon Lingle, who, at 94, still remembers it all clearly. #DDay75 pic.twitter.com/4Hysi9SVNk View the full article
  14. Can you live by the #ArmyValues Video by Spc. Anthony Zendejas pic.twitter.com/i90U3qMuue View the full article
  15. Can #USArmy Soldiers and robots work well together on the battlefield? @armyfutures thinks so. Learn more: https://go.usa.gov/xmfNX #Adapt2Win #ArmyTech pic.twitter.com/I4LMvNv19i View the full article
  16. “Family photo at the extract!” Congrats to CursedAngel for winning this week’s #screenshotoftheweek challenge! Join us on Discord to submit yours! #steam #ps4 #freetoplay #americasarmy #aapg #provinggrounds https://discord.gg/QvEw5DX pic.twitter.com/I8ueoIoXon View the full article
  17. Registration ends tomorrow for these #PS4 tournaments. Get the squad together, and take home the bragging rights. @GGBattlegrounds @UrgentFury https://twitter.com/AmericasArmy/status/1131603142548832257 … View the full article
  18. All gave some. Some gave all. #HonorThem https://twitter.com/USArmy/status/1132996123013066753 … View the full article
  19. Get your team signed up for these AAPG #PS4 Tourneys now! @GGBattlegrounds Tourney: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2481749415235207168/information … @UrgentFury Tourney: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2510010087718084608/information … #competitivegaming #toornament #AAPG #AmericasArmy #ProvingGrounds View the full article
  20. MGL needs some help! What skills can you bring to the table? We are looking for a handful of volunteers who are willing to help us out with the rest of the year! If you have skills in technical ops, streaming, content, etc., please apply! https://militarygamingleague.com/help-wanted/ View the full article
  21. No matter what color your uniform is or what branch name you wear across your heart, the #USArmy thanks you for answering the call. Share photos of you or your loved one in uniform with us in the comments! #ArmedForcesDay @DeptofDefense @USNavy @USMC @usairforce pic.twitter.com/G8xZSIXh06 View the full article
  22. U.S. Army takes the win in CS:GO at Netwar 36.0 Congratulations everyone!!!! #usarmyesports #csgo @csgo_dev #gaming #esports #netwar pic.twitter.com/mwU4vtoyV1 View the full article
  23. There are those who are compelled to act when others don't -- those are the men and women who become Soldiers. #WarriorsWanted Photo by Sgt. Henry Villarama pic.twitter.com/Nbh7fKRBj1 View the full article
  24. We will be doing some giveaways courtesy of the BG3 Staff. We have some stretch goals, lets hit em so we can get rid of all this stuff! Follow & Retweet! @DailyEsportsRT @FlyRts @RetweetEsports1 #bg3 #battlegrounds #esports #GiveawayAlert pic.twitter.com/ertILAtBCC View the full article
  25. Wherever the fight, whoever the enemy, when America needs her best, she sends a Soldier. #Adapt2Win #MeetYourArmy #ArmyCareer #WarriorsWanted #FearlessFriday pic.twitter.com/7HhdsdBqMM View the full article
  26. This small update has extra in-game voip comms logging features added in support of using AAPG for communication demonstrations/experiments at expos and conventions. Thank you for playing America's Army! View the full article
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